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Deliverance R&D: speed, speed, CHILL OOOUT!

Today was our final day of rehearsals for Deliverance. We did two run-throughs. The first one was a speed run, so we tried to say and do everything as quickly as possible to see if we knew our lines and blocking. The speed run highlighted some of the comedic moments in the play, in particular Scene 2 between Melody and Kristen. We realized that a quick pace really helps the comic nature of the scene. The second run through showed us that we can get through the entire play, so that's a relief! There is still a lot to be done, and we wish we had another month of rehearsals to perfect things, but we just have to remember that this is a scratch showing, not a full performance, and that hopefully we will have another opportunity to continue rehearsing and performing in the near future. After rehearsal we went costume shopping, which is always a lot of fun. We found shoes for Peppy, Kristen and Lita, and some costume options for Kristen and Melody. There's nothing like a good bout of retail therapy to finish off the day!

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