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Deliverance R&D: Simple Simple Simple

Today we finished going through the whole play. We spent one hour devising around the ending of scene 3, in which Peppy reads a poem called Ithaca by Constantine Cavafy. We were trying to create interesting images to support that moment.

We really don't have much time left, since starting the day after tomorrow we have to rehearse Unprescribed. We perform it on 26 and 27 May. We haven't rehearsed or performed Unprescribed since last August, so we need to rehearse it, and to work on the lighting and sound cues.

We are doing our best to keep the our work on Deliverance as simple as possible, just the minimum of sound and lighting needed to get the show on it's feet.

It's been a really good day but we are finding ourselves more and more stressed and that is not so good for the work. But we are trying to RELAX.

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