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Deliverance R&D: good food, good work

We started the day with a good warm up. Then we took some time to learn lines. Afterwards we rehearsed the 2 and 3 scenes together. The process is developing and we found comedic moments for the characters. Sarah's character- Peppy is a drank Marry Poppins and we have a great deal of fun coming up with things she can do. We began thinking about the costumes in turns of colors and how they create the characters. Using the props and the costumes that we already have is starting to create the visual world of the play, and we get the feeling that it is starting to become more and more alive.

Katherine and Justina work on the 2 scene creating the mise-en-scene for it based on the analysis of the text. We keep discovering that these characters are bigger then life and quite crazy, which is a lot of fun.

We finished the day with a birthday party for a neighbor and great meal with Billy, the playwrite. Our days here in his house are full of fun, good work and really good food.

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