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Deliverance R&D: Line by Line

We began rehearsal today at 9:00 am with a good warm up. We worked on Justina's monologue from scene 4, and tried to understand each character's motivation -- what the characters want and need from each other. When we understand the meaning and the subtext of the lines, our work becomes much more accurate. Each character undertakes a journey in the play and we need to have a deep understanding of that process. We begin by looking at the overall narrative of the play, and then after that we analyze each line. The give and take and the way we listen to our scene partners is important. All those elements make us work from one moment to the next. We spent some time learning our lines from scene 5 and then came back together to stage it. It is great to see how the knowledge we collect about the play is helping us with staging each scene..

We had another delicious dinner with Bill and then continued working on scene 5 until 11 pm. We wanted to have a run through but decided that working on the scenes and exploring the development of the play would be more productive.

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