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Deliverance R&D: Last Day in Henstead

Today was our last day at Bill's house. We began the day with a warm up outside in the sunshine. The plan was to finish the play today. Katherine's character, Melody, needs to be hanging upside down for the first and the final scenes of the play. Bill got this idea when he himself was hanging upside down on an inversion table he has to help his back problems, which we have now decided we will use as the 'transposition bars' in the show. Katherine has spent quite some time in rehearsal on that inversion table.

We staged scenes 5 and 6, and then we went back to scene 3 while Katherine was learning her lines. We took a lunch break and afterwards we worked on the end of the play, which helped us understand the development of the narrative and the changes that each character undergoes.

By then it was already evening and we had to say goodbye to Bill and return to Norwich. The days are going by so quickly!

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