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Deliverance R&D: Back at The Garage

Today (Monday) we came back to rehears at the Garage theatre. Changing the rehearsing room was a good change, Even though we didn't have the bars how keep Katherine hanging upside down. We decided to go to the beginning of the play. So we started with scene 1 and worked on that for a while. Feeling the disadvantages of the fast process. On one hand we can feel and see our progress and how the world of the play is coming together, on the other hand we know how much more work needs to be done. We know what kind of work needs to be done but we are struggling with not having enough time. We are trying to keep in mind that this is a scratch performance and we will have more time down the road to develop this piece as we wish and know. During lunch we discussed the ending of scene 3 which is a long poem delivered by Sarah-Peepy, though about ways to make it alive and interesting by creating more action by the other characters on stage.

We had a good and productive day.

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